Ice flush with 24 hours on?

Trying new way instead of 24 off doing 24 on should I add ice or no to bring out more color purple out flushed 7 days ago

May be bro science…but I do an Ice flush before harvest

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Over the years I tried all kinds of things to get the colors to come out. I finally came to the conclusion that if your growing space is dialed in the colors will express themselves if the genetics are there.

I can’t imagine an ice bath is going to overnight, bring out the colors.


What about terpenes will it help or no ice is necessary

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Ice won’t affect terpines, though some say it increases trichome production. That said, the terpines are contained within the trichomes, so do with that what you wish. Ice baths, stem splitting, dark periods, and so on are not practiced by many growers. They are unproven at best and considered to be bro science by many.


My understanding is that for colours to come out, first it has to be within the genetics of the plant. If the plant can express colours, they’re best brought out by colder night temperatures during flower, especially the last few weeks of flower. Not freezing or damagingly cold, just colder than normal. Try dropping your nighttime temps to 60 or 65 for a week or so. Any colour expression will take time.


I’ve tried that with 15 degree temperature swings indoors and it did nothing. Even bigger temperature swings outdoors and again nothing happens. Since dialing in my grow spaces the colors come out without any extra effort.


I’m a outdoor grower I jumped in this topic cause this will be my first autos grown after harvest and I read Ice

I live in a hot humid area of the south
I have used Ice for years but differently

I put a solo cup of Ice on top or over white landscape rocks during the hottest point of the day no water just let them melt
The rocks act like a mulch and gives the cold drops time to warm up enough not to send the plant shock or slowdown
(like ice cold water will)
And as the ice melts the condensation goes up the stalk and is taken in by the under leafs

For The color shift your trying to pull out of the plants

Is part genetics true
but 20 F weather shift cause this naturally (think cali hot days and cool nights)
So if you mimic nature as much as possible the color should out

But if I make a educated guess from my past experiences
I think the Ice/Ice water will cause the plant
go into cold shock and it will just go into survival mode vs the colors showing up in the buds

But that’s just my guess but If you do this let me know the conclusion

I always down to learn something new


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Dont do ice flush it might not hurt @Hotbox420 but what happened is good soil bacteria like cooler temps than bad pathogens so if ya brought your soil from 26c down to 18C it helped the germs that do stuff for root performance but no need for ice or flush just water with cool water talking soil right

The ice in the tent…could…bring down temps in your tent…which could help with terpine evaporation to an extent?

I have found that genetics plays a huge roll.

I just grew two GG#4 seeds…one came out very purple… the other some reds…but mainly green. All at … unfortunately high temps…due to the heat of the summer this year. Can’t tents get below 75f this summer. Even at lights out 72-3f…so no cool temps for the purple.

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The way to bring out your colors is to drop your lights off temps between 55 and 60. This is over a few weeks time. Lights on temps in the mid 70s. With the temps that low, the nutient uptake slows down because soil temps are cooler. The lack of phos and potas along with mag will really make the color pop.

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My man, youve just unlocked a new level… ive never thought of that…

That’s what I’m on here to do learn some new things that work for them
And share what’s worked for me thru the years

I first did this in my first grow not knowing what I was doing just trying things to make here happy and stop the leafs from drooping thru the humid 100 F plus days thru summer
But I’m still using it all these years later

Just don’t put water over the ice till it all melts


Just read the other post
Again I’m a outdoor farmer in the hot south like it’s 104f right now

(but I do feel you on the bad bacteria having a stronger path to attack when the plant trying to focus surviving the cold shock)

For putting ice in tent I have no clue
I only pop seeds, start clones and early veg indoors
so these auto’s grown indoors will be a new learning curve for me

But I would just lower the a/c in the room /tent
During lights off to bring out the colors in the buds/hairs

but even than it will take more than 3-4 days to show up more than specking of leafs and buds

Ice with the flush is new idea I’ve never heard before
I normally flush with plain water before a week before than nothing the last two days this works best for me help with water weight thru the dry/cure

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