I wasn't expecting this

Runtz and Bruce Banner streched way to much. Week 4

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Not enough wattage or lights were too far away. Seeing that “blurple” color, my bet is on not enough watts.


What light is that?

Enlarging the pic @Docnraq
It looks like Advance Spectrum Max.
Agree with @HMGRWN on the height.
Plants stretch when looking for more light.
Not to beat you up, but week 4?
They don’t get that tall overnight.

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Supercrop the tall branches down by pinching them really hard between 2 sets of buds on the stem. Enough to soften the branch so you can lean it over. Lean them any which way, but out of the way of one another. Make a quick plan to manipulate your canopy to be supported. More of that netting you have at the bottom would be perfect. By doing this you can gain at least 12” more distance from the light.


Right I see that but is it the ASM 450, 900, 540. Was looking for specifics.

@Hydroman if those are photos your gonna have some space problems in the very near future.

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Advance Spectrum Max. Got it from grow ace

I supercropped two of the tall ones then they grew back into the light.

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Use something to tie near the top of the branch you supercropped & tie it down so it stays. You can do it with all of them. Just support them to hold in place with plant ties or another layer of net laying flat over them just to hold them from growing back upward to the light. You can even prep for later by tying the branches to the netting so they don’t fall due to weight gain later.

Edit: I am doing something like that, but I introduced the net a while back.
I will use another layer for support layer. I have it off now to defoliate.