I want to self pollinate one of my hibreds to get identical DNA seeds what do I need to do?

I finished my latest pheno hunt and have a wonderful clone still in veg and I want to self pollinate it. Can I use CS on just half of the plant and get the seeds I want from the other buds?

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Why not just make her go herm with intense light schedule fluctuation and maybe skip a could days of watering to induce the change?

I’ll give it a try.

Check out vaderog on youtube he has some great pollination videos and please take my advice with a grain of salt because I do not pollinate my plants…I’d hate for something to happen to your prized pheno. Good luck let me know what you decide and how it works :+1:

I’ll look it up tonight. I’ve been breeding for about 5 years and this is my first attempt to self clone. Been using captured pollen from various males to pollinate different single brances of a single female, making up to 4 new strains off one mom, and still getting the top buds of the original plant.