I thought I should tell you

“ENVIRONMENTAL” has only ONE letter “A”.

Best you go have a look at the “ENVIRONMENENTATOL Issues” forum titles

Or did it come out “Environmenantol”? I forget, and can’t bail on this message editor to check.

These things happen, and I am a sharp eye for english. I will help if I see anything like that.

OH! I see it is “ENVIRONMENATAL”, so it tends to describe the birth of the environment altogether. Or something…

cheesy smile

I really DO want you to look the best, I need you people


~Drat! What did I do with my screens? OH! Excuse me.

closes window

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How bout a public service announcement for people who say I grow in a soiless “media” instead of medium


now you leaving out the “soil media” crowd hahahahhaha :rofl:


But if you’re growing more than one plant, wouldn’t they all, collectively, be in media?


I suggest counting all the granules before answering. :smile:

""In the simplest terms, the noun medium is a go-between.

In art, it’s a material used to create, like oil paint or clay. In science, it’s a substance through which something is transmitted, like air. In communications, it’s a means of sharing information, like the Internet or TV. Medium can even refer to people who purportedly communicate with the dead; they’re a go-between connecting the living and the spirit worlds.

The word medium has two plural forms—mediums and media—and which one you use depends on what you’re talking about.

If your subject is art, it’s okay to use mediums or media. For science and communication, media is generally preferred. And if you’re talking about fortunetellers and psychics, you always refer to them as mediums.“” ~shommp dot com

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Well, gardening could be considered both an art and a science, so now what??? I’m so confused.

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If you have plants in soil to back up your hydro projects - but you don’t take any pictures…

is it still multi-media? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(~Enquiring minds would like to remember the question… :eyes: )


Inquiring? Lol

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