I think Pest Spray killed my first grow (pics included)

First grow here got some Master Kush’s going. Was worried about a plant as it had a few caterpillar bite chunks out of some of the leafs. Workmate got me onto Hortico Insect Killer comes in a 750ml spray bottle sprayed that on them. The next day the top new leafs are all droopy and dry. Its been 2 days now and recovery doesn’t look likely. What are the chances of recovery for these 2 plants? Here are some pics of each plant that was effected and the spray used.
Spray used: Screenshot - 1617fbda037e0de716d875457710ebe9 - Gyazo
Plant 1: Screenshot - bf094892eb25ffe24047c3e4ec254c2b - Gyazo
Plant 2: Screenshot - 48f7ecd6902f6381fd00b8f644ede467 - Gyazo
anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all welcome to a brilliant forum. I don’t use any chemicals on my grows at all. Caterpillars can be picked off. Try spraying the tops with clean water to wash any residue off then keep an eye open for recovery or decline. If those tops don’t recover and it looks like the damage is spreading down the stem I would top them to try and limit any damage. But keep an eye on them first for signs of recovery


Its looking like they are coming back. Top leafs starting to stand up again slowly. Thanks for your feedback mate.

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I would scrap the entire grow, soil and all. That’s a petrochemical product, and the MSDS advises it’s a respiratory irritant when used normally, but you have no idea what it will do when you smoke it. If you’re like most of us you intend to ingest this every day. I wouldn’t risk it.

There are plenty of practical solutions to prevent or treat pests; you can use predators instead of topical applications. Pyrethrums and marigolds are beneficial companion plantings worth cultivating. Integrated pest management is a deep rabbit hole.

Good luck.