I Think i my have stunted her

Got this WWA going and a mystery bag seed ass well. WWA is at about 45 days above ground. ? is at about 25 days. They both were under a 110w blurple up until i received my new 240w q board light. I put the new light in and neglected to dim the light. Its been about a week and ive not seen much chang in the auto. Not my first WWA but the first time switching lights mid grow. Also 45 days no flower. Either i stunted or she is a late bloomer ive had one of those before. Any thoughts?

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I say genetics. No seed is ever alike. Your plants look to be healthy. My Blueberry Kush Auto is smaller than your WWA. Way smaller but smells wonderful. :+1:

Assuming the smaller plant is the 25 days she looks fine for 3 weeks. I wouldn’t go pulling her thinking it’s over. LoL not that you were
Little reassurance & to quote star wars “stay on target”

Oh no worries im gonna let em ride. Close to finding sex on the mystery plant and the WWA is from ILGM ill see it to the end. I just dropped a ILGM black widow photo into cup for future back up. Up till now ive been growing WWA’s, im gonna transition to photos tired of the autos being so sensitive to environmental issues.


You mean sensitive to everything … lol right! I’ve gave autos 2 attempts - I like my photos + it’s fun being God!!

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