I think iā€™m off to a good start

I just received everything over the weekend.I assembled tent (2x4) sf2000 spider farmer L.E.D.I planted 5 seeds and they all have sprung from the soil.I have also began a grow journal :notebook: to document everything that i do or encounter on my first grow.I will keep everyone posted!I have included pics of my new seedlings :seedling: (mowie wowie) and (gold leaf) from

ILGM great :+1:t6: seeds!


They look really long, might wanna add some medium around to hold em up. Get the light closer add a light breeze. The stems really fatten up under a light breeze


I do have a fan blowing on them.Im getting a couple of fans for the inside of the tent and a dehumidifier.The room is kind of hot so iā€™m working on getting the temp right.Thanks for the advice.