I still don't know what these are. They're only on a few leaves. Any ideas?


Kinda looks like water or nutrient splash. If it’s just a couple of leaves don’t worry


What’s the hole plant look like?

Thank you

Very healthy into the fifth week of fun

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Septoria would be my only concern but long as the spots stay white and dosen’t spread then I’ve no clue.
Septoria can be devastating if it spreads…

@Photooz can you post a whole plant pic?

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you hit the problem on the head. Thanks for your speedy and accurate response. I’ve sprayed and hopefully this will stop the spread.

@Photooz One of the times I wish i wasn’t :sweat_smile:
But hopefully it wasn’t much and you get it under control.
Ive never had it in my inside garden but it tore my veggie garden up this year :disappointed:

Slf 100 Added to the water promotes some bacteria growth and things that prevent this this and other types of fungus from what I understand I started trying it we’ll see

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I hope it works out for you, it always sucks to deal with these things :disappointed: