I picked a bud off i had too

So I couldn’t waitell any longer and don’t know if should of did this I picked a bud off.last night and set it on the base of the heater to.dry and this is how it turned out taste just like it smells but wow dose it ever shrink when drying lol how do you think my plant is doing this is the bud


I like to break a bud off here and there before the final harvest. It’s good to try it out and understand how it impacts you versus what you are seeing for clear/cloudy/amber. I picked off some maui wowie buds two weeks ago with lots of clear and it was ok, a week later, more cloudy, it hit me much harder. I got lost in Lowes…

Do it for science!


Looks great.

Proper curing will make it better :+1:


Think she will be good this week?

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