I never intended to go this far

That’s sad. Where are you, if you don’t mind saying?

Thank you all! I just followed a grow log called sea of green and it was awesome. The outside area was beautiful. I will continue to research SOG and maybe one day when I graduate I could give it a shot.

It’s kind of comical, my wife has been telling me I need a hobby. I’m not quite sure she expected me to become a gardener. The hardest part is being a closet gardener. Gardening is not nearly as noisy as old cars and so far TONS cheaper. But she doesn’t mind either way so that’s awesome.

I can tell you though my new hobby definitely keeps me excited keeps me engaged and keeps me reading. I know I have the bug when the first thing on my mind is checking on my girls to see if they’ve grown overnight, if they’re sad, do they need a hug etc???

So far so good! The past 6 weeks have been fun and educational as well with a bit of stress…but awesome.

Everyone on this site has been super wonderful. I passed a few other forums and they seemed snotty and demeaning. You guys/gals are all very welcoming, warm and you don’t make us new guys feel dumb!!

Thank you to a great group of folks!!


Here a s.o.Uploading: dc09e8744dde494c923cd6ec72b4c7ff5906bc99.jpeg… Uploading: 50ba7581f9c8457819ba1badbe159b95d2cc57bd.jpeg… g for ya strive for bigger an better things this room was damn near as loud as an old car …sure was as expensive as one almost 8,000 in lighting 1000 in ac and fans 1500 in pvc and wood and months and months of man hours

try photos again. need more time to upload 100%

upper midwest usa

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Ill tagg you to my journal

That is impressive! Genius even

Da boot

Da boot

They put up a year and half worth if my shit

The food is good but the mosquitoes are unreal… I’m a lone star native and miss the bbq

Im sunny south floridian know alllll about the skeeters

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With a little hard work this closet grow came out worth the trouble :grin:

My first indoor, 33"x55"=21 ozs


I love Florida. I spent a few years in Pensacola then Jacksonville and now we visit Orlando often. Beautiful state with this time of year being the best weather.

That’s motivational! Awesome

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Mosquitoes big enough to butt f#@k a Turkey around here


Curious…The tent I purchased came with the UFO led light. The more I read the more I learn a weak light is no bueno…I should get a better light? I am using a 36x24x63 tent and currently running the stunted beauty discussed previously. I plan on running WW, AK, and Bubble Gum once I learn more.

Is there a light specific section? I am having trouble searching for it??

Or will this get me through the first real session then upgrade the light?

Thank you

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Hlg 260 will fit that space.


On it! You’re the greatest!!

Oh man …that may have to go on the ‘later’ list. That is nice

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