I need seeds that grow in low temperatures

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I want to buy some seeds and i need seeds that grow in low temperatures. I want 2 types of seeds. First are 100% indica and the second are 100% sativa, what kind of seeds have such specifications?”

Extremely happy with Gold leaf in low temperatures…
Mine grew from seeds with night time temps of low 40’s F, I got them planted outdoor while still light frost in the morning…they are doing great…
So here is your indica.

Sativa I have no experience with, maybe @Hogmaster can pinch in…


Well the Afghan og kush the California dream in the northern lights are all Indica the only one that is 100% Indica is the Afghan as far as Sativa go The Durbin poison is 100% but like the Jack hairier white widow an AK-47 are 80% Sativa 20 indica but you should be able to do really well with just about any of them but the Afghan and the Durbin poison are 100% if you look on ILGM.com and hit details when you scroll down from the picture to add to cart it will tell you the percentages hope this helps

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