I need real tool to identify mold

Please refer to me some reliable tool what can identify mold. I don’t want guessing game. I have some unnamed/marked bud leftovers and I puff them just now. I cough so much I really belive my lungs come out, tears, backpain. Huh, like session two. One was take a hit and then cough - cough.
I have in summer grow some moldy buds. I cut them out, wash other peroxide. But… I want to be sure.

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A black light should work great to spot mold


Yeah, very hard to get real one in online shopping. And harder where I live. I’ve just buy one and thats ripoff, now trying to order another.

Get an A/C leak detection kit from an auto supply store, comes with a UV light and protective glasses. Something like this:
I’ve never used them for finding mold, though. Just came to mind when I read “black light,” in addition to trippy Doors posters from high school.


@Cyle1 has you covered, GREAT ANSWER PERFECT ! 1


I suspect that you may be smoking dried hydrogen peroxide.

I wash them after. Hmm. How’s that worse than smoke mold?

this makes for interesting reading Hydrogen peroxide - Wikipedia
I vape my moldy (cured) pot and get very very high…mold is a spore just like mushrooms :crazy_face:

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Yeah I know little moldy weed make you high, very high. Yes, it’s seems inhaling peroxide vapor is very dangerous.

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I intend using Witch Hazel (organic) in a spray to try and combat Botrytis (Mold) developing.

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Some beauty products section?

no no…keep away from any witch hazel with added chemicals…i lose around an ounce of premier bud to mold every grow and this is hopefully my solution…health food stores have pure w / hazel.

Same here with mold. We have 1 week sunny and then 1 week rain and another 5days like 15min sun and then 10min rain. Every day in summer I must control outdoories for mold and yeah this year I’m more prepared.:point_down:

More wind less problems with pests and mold.
This year I’ve lost half of that what last year. I look @that positive way :grin:
I use azamax, neem oli, leaf coat and green soap after when buds are formed. Much more work then indoors. But its worth it.


nice grow …maybe play Star Wars with one of these and ZAP :boom: the mold .
its very important to have at least a 3 inch air flow space under your pots …prop your pots up on bricks.
r u in the south ?


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Why airflow under pots? Do you think mold can begin there too?
No I’m not south. North. And not states. Like middle Canada but I live very close to sea and humidity is over 95%rh over 12hours a day. When raining its just a nightmare. Ok, i waiting nicer weather come :sunrise_over_mountains:
Those sticks are new to me. But reviews says they eat batteries.

100% breeding ground for nasties that create root rot/mould/blight

a bro uses a 3 inch base of Perlite in his containers but an air flow is ultra necessary.
do you pH test your run off ?

i am by the sea in western wales and it seems that we have the same weather problems for growing herb, by the way …I switched to 7 gallon FABRIC BAGS for this years grow and there is a noticeable difference in bud production … buds are big and smelly and there is serious quantity.
I reckon its fan

Heh, im placed like a Shetland in Wales. :grin::joy: OK, i get something under pots.
No, i dont Ph my soil. I have bionutes and soil. Allmost 2 year I’m not overboard them but sometimes underfeeding. Ph problems are gone when I start growing bio. I have 3-4ph pen what I buy firs, but all them now giveaways friends growops.
I have my plastic pots and I think they’re good what clima I have. I like them move a much and don’t want feed/wet them more than 6days cycle.
Ive done so much holes under and sides in my pots they allmost like that air prune pots. That’s my goal when I’ve done them. But that underside of pots and air moving you’re right.

may your light shine

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No, only shine is between rain gusts. I have nice weather what do same trick every evening. Little hard rain come out just before sun is set. This is so ironic. I have bad thoughts and feelings I can’t grow out.next year I REALLY pick strains what grow under sea. Uhh. Sick and tired of that humid weather. 14hours now when we have over 95rh. Duh.
Hope you have better weather there in Wales.
I have weather what mocks me.

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do a google for moldresistantstrains.