I need help you hillbilly engineers!

Hello my fellow grow mates and hillbilly architects. I need some of your expertise with my own rig set up as a first time grower (auto) who’s now just waiting on the seeds to show from ILGM. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability of some of these growers with their BA setups and hidden rooms seen above. Rather, I just need something simple and easy to take take down if necessary(if possible). Below is the equipment to be hooked up. Gonna be doing a master bathroom grow. There’s no outlets in the bathroom, so I have to run an extension cord from my room to the bathroom. This is a super small space that I’m trying to fit the grow tent in and basically my toilet will not be poopable while the tent is up. (Biggest downside)

My thoughts: use a 3.5x3.5 board and anchor it to the wall. The toilet sits 2-3in above the tub. Eight ft ceiling. Everything is going to sit anchored 3-4 in above the tub lip somehow, but will have to be anchored against the wall and above the toilet for clearance. I just don’t know how I will safely and securely lock the back of the board to the wall to brace it yet because of the wall tiling and toilet positioning.

Ive already got a bunch of extra light hooks that hold 150 lbs each so I figured I could use those as the anchor ropes from the board to the hooks in the studs.

What do you guys think? Any better ideas? Tips and tricks? I know the bathroom can be a wet place so I do want to take safety into mind as well. Any advice on setup/discreetness/ safety is much appreciated. I’m not handy in this way lol.


3x3x6 grow tent

1500w phlizon cob

4in adjustable Exhaust fan





I reposted this from @Cap_Ron post for more views in regards to set up and engineering the right rig.

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I would just use the tub. It’s a room with a door. Make it light proof. Hang panda film around it.

I’m guessing it’s a spare bathroom ?


A $10 Styrofoam panel would do the job nicely.


Yeah @BetrayedSoul it’s my master bath. Having already put money in the tent, and not knowing much about hydro I’d really like to stick with original plan. Though hopes and dreams of big yields with hydro really does sound amazing. I feel I’d have the most controllable environment in the tent and ventilator setup as a first time grower.

Personally I think it would be less work to remove commode an cap. Two bolts an one water line to remove. An set up the grow tent. Use bathroom exhaust vent to hook exhaust fan out of tent. Just another option to look at good luck with your new venture.


Just a thought but what about nailless wall hangers. The kind people use when they aren’t allowed to nail into the wall of a rental.

I agree with @kellydans, for all the time it would take to remove the toilet. Stick a valve on the water line and a blanking cap for the toilet outlet. Put the tent where the toilet is sitting.


I used a bathtub for a couple grows, with these grow boxes. I just put up 2 curtain rod holders and used CFLs Draped Mylar. It was easy to fill my box

with the tub spout.
That was 6 years ago, I’m still using those boxes today, They work great and last up to a week (depending on stage of plant) on 1 watering.


@kellydans @Davyg Gotcha it’s a good idea. Sorry but I didn’t post enough pictures showing the sink to the right of the toilet. Not enough room for the 3x3 tent where the toilet is. I have figured it out though. I’ve got to do a little remodeling but it’ll work for sure. Pictures to come in a week or less ETA


Looks good @Growenmore. This would be more simple for sure and more discreet. But man I’m sure excited to use the tent lol.


Be interesting to see what you come up with. Look forward to the pics


Sometimes things you have to work the hardest for turns out to be the best. Good luck getting it together.