I need help with my grow

Hi I am a newbie. I germinated 3 white widow autos and 2 gold leaf fem a week ago in a 4x4 tent. I have been only doing water everyday since I am using FFO I was told it comes with all the nutrients I would need. I also ph my water it’s at 6.6. My question is … is 3 gallon smart pot enough for both the autos and the fem? Or am I going to need a bigger pot? Also when is the best time to transplant those 2 fem to a bigger pot? They are exactly a week today. Is there anything else I should be doing?

I have a tent of similar size indoors and I use 3 gallon size pots and they perfectly. Rule of thumb for me is when the outer leaves reach the outside of the container in might be time to transplant. I’d say you can do that pretty soon by the looks of the pics. Happy growing!


Thank you so much for replying! So 3 gallon pots will definitely be ok for fem gold leaf? I just want to make sure because I heard that fem plants get way bigger than auto flowers.

You control the size of fems. If you flower quickly they will be small. If you veg for months they will be big. I’d recommend a bigger pot than the three gallon


3gal is ok for autos ,I have photos in 7gal. I water every other day . Next grow I will be going to 10 gal to give me another day without watering.

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I’m a week into this plants when should I start adding nutrients? The whole feeding process? I’m sorry I’m really new to this and don’t want to mess up.

I’m in 5’s was also thinking ten for next round.

I think you said your plants was in FFOF ,that soil is hot and is good for 4 to 6 weeks


The reason why I was doing all 3 gallons is because I only have one light I’m not sure if I upgrade the side of the pots they won’t be able to receive as much light as they need correct? They must be all under the light not on the side ? I am using a MarsHydro led 2000W

5 plants in a 4x4 you are going to need more light in flower anyway. 80W per sqft for china lights ,30W per sqft for high end lights

Would I need to buy another mars or is there a cheaper one?

I have another question… after week 1 how much water should I be adding? I have been doing 2 to 3 times a day but I only wet the soil around the seedling until it’s a ring whose wet… I’m afraid I’m i will not be adding enough water in the upcoming weeks if I do it this way. But I also don’t know how much I should be adding per day

2-3 times a day is too much .weed likes damp to dry conditions ,water in a circle around the plant to make them look for it. Over watering will kill them with root rot. Stick your finger in the soil knuckle deep if it’s dry you need to water

You need to do a little reading (good stuff)

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The 2 plants in the foreground are autos in 3 gal pots.

I’ve done nothing to them. Some lst might’ve kept them more compact. I just wanted to see what they’d do.


Try following the journals of @Hellraiser, @Cannabian , @Arrow, @Covertgrower .they have different styles.But are full of helpful knowledge. And will help you if they have the time. I bug them all the time. And I try to drop in on their threads as much as possible.


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