I need help. 2 Weeks and just minimum Growth. Here's my Pictures, Setup, and Soil. Any help is much appreciated

I used the same soil for my seedlings my last grow with no issues. I think lie MyFriend started you need humidity, ph your water and some heat

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I only give space on my grow room walls to true legends! And my plants listen to a lot of Rush, lol.

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I would give it a shot. I think they will most likely be stunted a little anyway but they will be happier in the new soil if they make it. If you have some other seeds I’d start a couple more in new soil and compare your results between those and transplanted.

Hey @BlacknIrish excited for your upcoming harvest.
They should be able to recover. But you can replant the worst and see or all just cut a big enough cone of soil and have the other pot ready with same size hole as plant. L As they are autos and they are already stressed you may just want to adjust the environment within range.
Soil Ph 5.8-6.8 is normal for me depending on how moist the soil is and that changes with depth at least what I’ve experienced anyway.
I use this to check the ph of the soil.

I use these for checking liquids when needed.

I too grow in a basement one tent in finished section and one tent in an unfinished room. One way to up the temps in the tent is to up the temps in the house. I know my first floor temps are about 6f higher than my basement temps. I also either open or close the door going down to the basement depending on if I wanna cool more door open (summer) (heat rises…cold falls) or retain heat door closed (winter) etc. you can also look at any duct work in the basement and possibly tap off of one to have heat come out near tent area. Small analog heater (not a digital one with read outs aren’t compatible with inkbird controllers if you decide to get one later) place the heater where the lower passive vent in tent is and allow that to help with heat if you don’t have room for it inside. They draw a lot of amps usually so may want to make sure you can support the draw where you plug it in. May need to run it at low setting etc.
This chart is what you’ll want to use to dial in your temps related to humidity during the various stages of growth…or as close as you can get.

Your plants can grow in that soil but you’ll want to think about what your going to use as they get bigger as that soil alone won’t get you to harvest.
I too used miracle grow on my first grow with Photo seeds. They made it and I was happy with yield and taste/effect etc but I had some bumps and also realized I needed to add additional nutrients as well and I wanted an all organic grow for my health issues I was going through.
Here’s a link to that first grow it may help with yours.

Another way to raise the temps is getting a great light that will grow big fat dense buds and you will need more than you have now in the near future as they get bigger and then go into flower where they need the most photons (light)!
Your tent footprint is basically a 3x3 and here are a couple lights to consider.

Not sure what your feeding them and how much but that’s usually the first thing to know and go from there. Are you using tap, well, RO or distilled or rain water?
Take a couple tablespoons one from one area and depth one from different or split up with 4 areas to get a average and put that in a small container and add about the same amount of RO or distilled water and stir it and let settle for 20 min. Check with the calibrated PH meter and write down the reading. You’ll need to stir it up with the meters probe a little bit to get a stable reading. The one you have for the pool may work just fine reading liquids just need to calibrate it first so you know your readings are on.

Anyway hope this helps
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