** I Need Advice **

I need topping advice. Quick recap; this started as a one foot clone (over six feet now) which I did not top originally because I think the club did beforehand and I couldn’t tell.
I also chose to go with bending the trunk because this is a blue dream sativa and they get real tall outdoors. Also because I like the idea of branches turning into replacement tops, which has happened.

My question is should I top these branches? What will happen if I do? Will it slow height growth and create a more bushier plant? Or should I leave it alone. I’d like to avoid this plant getting too tall, but I also don’t want to sacrifice yield. Also not sure if it’s too late since the flowering stage kicked in almost two weeks ago.

ps this is my first grow in a long time, like so long that the High Times annual Grow Guide was the only real source of information back then…

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I hate to break it to you but it’s to late to top once In flower. She is on her final stretch. It could grow quite a bit higher but then that should be it. The blue dream gets huge like you said. What you could do is carefully super crop the main stalk so that it focuses more on the lower branches. It won’t hurt your yield, in fact it might help if the lower branches are exposed to more light and super cropping is supposed to boost it too. I wouldn’t really do anything unless you’re really worried about the height. You could try tying it down … but it looks like you already have.