I may have to harvest early

i noticed the first signs of bud rot 2 days ago. and now its so foggy and humid here and the dew is so heavy tonight, it sounds like its raining in the trees. i may have to harvest a week or so early tomorrow :confused:

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Better to harvest what you can now then what you may not be able to tomorrow


Rot had been bad this year it seems.


Everything except corn has been terrible to grow this year. Get what you can now. Iโ€™m sure the smoke wonโ€™t be effected that much. Worst case, use the good stuff to get high then use the other to stay high. Kinda like have good craft beers until the buzz kicks in and then switching to the shit beer.


Haha! You explain it soo good :smile:

I like to apply hillbilly economics when I can :rofl:


Me too! Sometimes we know it better how its like: to have a smoke or not to โ€ฆ :smile: any smoke :joy:

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Sorry to here about the rot. Itโ€™s sad when your work and care get something like that and have some or all your work not go up in smoke

Bud rot has been a killer this year. Id cut now to save them. Soo sorry

ill just turn the moldy stuff into BHO :smiley:

Wash your harvest in peroxide: any time mold is an issue or you grow outdoors.

This is from 1 plant, grown inside and outside depending on available sunlight.

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im covering each plant with plastic sheet at night and uncovering them each moment. it seems to be working :smile: ill start a post with pics later.