I know my arms aren't that big, but

I got tired of trying to grow fist sized buds so I upped my ante!

Blue Dream, 600w HPS with 2 week splash of 400w MH at the 4-5 wk period. Organically grown using Roots Organics5ml plan. (Mostly bat guanos) 2 weeks to go. Five plants. I’ve got dozens of theses colas.


It likes whatever you’re doing with her. :joy::muscle:t3:

Hope you have a license for those guns!


Nice buds. Gonna be a nice Xmas harvest. Santa come early to your house.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Photoshop! Just kidding! :laughing: Looks like you are seriously preparing for the celebration of Christmas, it looks like you have many friends or a big family. I suppose that the smell will be felt throughout the district after the discovery of these guns! :joy:

Yes definitely going to be nice Christmas weed. Or maybe even New Years.
Thanks for the encouraging words. The entire room is vented through a carbon filter fan assembly plumbed into a dedicated flue up the chimney.
Even so, the house still reeks to the point it’s overpowering the scent of the Christmas tree.
Legal state though.

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Ha. Wife buys it three cans at a time. But for those that ask, yes it does kill the odor. I too will recommend it.

I use those scented plug in oils… Now my house smells like freshly toweled weed. :joy:

one quart sprayer is $6