I just don’t know which is which, Durban Poison and Pineapple Haze?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m close to harvest with my last 2 types of plants and I am asking for a little bit of help here. I had trouble germinating seeds, my error this time…had a cold snap, had them in garage…had to be out of town on a family emergency, and the temp dropped to about 50 degrees F…I got back to town and scrambled to get anything growing after that, and I lost track of what is what. I have the AK 47 identified since I grew that last year. And a couple of clones did pretty well this year. They are already in the cure stage. Of the Durban Poison and Pineapple Haze I had at least one seed left of each. They germinated fine (warmer) and made enough clones to get me by. I just don’t know which is which. Both are Sativa dominant as they are just now getting ready to harvest. Both have long narrow leaves. I have never grown either before. Plant One has a normal growth pattern with long narrow leaves. The limbs come out one on either side at the same place, this is where I’d cut the main stem to obtain my clones and make the plant wider vs tall. The buds developed a little faster than plant 2. Plant 2 grew branches on an alternating pattern, you can see this in both pictures. I did not trim these much as I wasn’t sure about this alternating growth pattern but I did get a couple clones just fine. Plant 2 leaves are longest and the narrowest, very long, tall plants, very slow to mature. I know you probably can’t identify them from this little bit of info, but I’d settle for a guess if you are up to it. The two possibilities again being Durban Poison and Pineapple Haze. Thanks. You folks are great to deal with. I’ll get my order in earlier this coming year.”

You need flowering nutes dood.

Not sure which is which but use your nose


That’s a tough one…:thinking:

BTW, I completely agree with @Fever.

got some TigerBloom to the rescue. Thanks.
I was trying to run too lean on the nutes this year, made a mixing blunder last year that cost me a couple good plants, still a bit gunshy
As far as which is which, I have a 50/50 shot at being right. I’ll just grow them both next year and keep of them better.

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