I have harvested my grow and so far so good just a quick question?

Now I harvested my girls nov 30 and I did a whole plant hang dry method and the popcorn nuggets are pretty dry and smoke amazing but my question is do I have to wait until the branch completely snaps the buds look to be dry enough to start cure?

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You want it to have a tiny bend before snap and make sure it doesn’t get all fibery. Small bend, clean break should be good. If you have to actually pull it, it’s not ready.

Put a small hygrometer in your bag/jar. If it holds between 58-62% for an hour or so, then you’re in the zone.


The snapping branch test never works for me. My last harvest the stems never got to the point of breaking but the buds were stable at 53% Rh.
When they “feel” dry, I trim and cut them off the stems and put in a large covered bowl with a hygrometer to see where it settles. If too high, I just “toss” like a salad and leave uncovered for an hour or so. When It is 62% (or less in some cases) it goes in Grove Bags until consumed.


When u hear that crack it should be ready if it snaps off thats probably a bit to dry