I have decided to have just 15 x 12.5 liter airpots in a mix of coco's, perlite and nutritious soil, any help?

A question of a fellow grower:

My previous partner screwed up big time but I let him prove himself in his expertising and the whole commercial/hobby became a very frustrating recovery project bringing yield right down to about 2 keys.

My calculations from experience should have yielded at about 5.

But he also brought some pests along from another location… Basically it was a fiasco and he is out of the equation now.

Heres the set up.

2 x https://www.g-tools.nl/product/kweekkasten/lege-kweekkast/home-growbox-g-kit-1200-wing-leeg/

4x 600 Wt with cool tubes in each

My intention was to manifold or mainline as my partner decided to put 48 pots per closet the fffffffing idiot.!!

1x https://www.g-tools.nl/product/kweekkasten/lege-kweekkast/800-wing-kweekkast-leeg/

2x 600 88Wt per sq m

Each closet has 1 of these for airflow. see picture below

The motors for the cool tubes are of lesser quality but we are also replacing to the one in pic.

Is in wooded area surrounded by field and trees not wel isolated shack.

Spring has not yet started and of course keeping temperatures right during the day when all the extracted air from the closet is blown back into the shack. That is also being corrected as we speak.

He also used the heat form one to warn the other as they slept with to my regards no fresh air at all. Plants ended up looking malnutrition and losing leaves.

But as I had topped 48 it was impossible to maintain these girls in defoliation bending positioning for light wel basically the necessities to get big yields.

However because of cold temperatures outside I was able to already manipulate brown pistols by the 3 wk of bloom… Ended up with nice purple shades of purple in nice fat colas but yield should have been bigger.

I have calculated to be wasting lighting as @ 111Wt per square m is a waste normally but then again maybe not if one can mainline all their plants in a uniform fashion.

I have now decided to have just 15 x 12.5 liter airpots in a mix of coco’s, perlite and nutritious soil.

Or do you think I should fill the floor space?

I am in Amsterdam very often maybe there is an occasion for a lunch together to discuss certain matters as I am in need of some guidance regarding gardening on this side of the water.

Please ask the member to join.

I’m not sure where these numbers come from. When running hid lighting 400 and 600 watt lights are probably the most popular for a 1 square meter space.

I have a feeling your light intensity was probably a contributing factor to low yields. I don’t believe you’ll achieve results you’re looking for simply by mainlining plants.

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