I have a problem with my order need help with customer support

Me Easy-You cant think of a way to be nice probably because of your lack of education. I am an experienced grower, I have a problem with no communication in 6 days. I am glad you can think. In the past they have given me excellent service, Claire to be precise. I have a problem with a company not only NOT sending my replacement seeds but on top of that a company holding my $139 for over a week. The fact of their ineptness of responding to my request of replacement seeds probably took up 9 or 10 emails. The rest were in regards to my new order. I state stone cold facts and really could care less of your "opinion ", it doesn’t give me seeds. I could care less what you have done “if”. You don’t contribute to any help, you’re just trying to agitate the tiger in the cage. I actually paid via billpay on the 5th, they cashed the check on the 16th, Jane stated on the 18th she couldn’t find the payment. That’s what I have a problem with. As for the pandemic, I call menusha on that because my previous order( in January), was perfect. As for a new job, I’m a disabled former U.S. MARINE, your welcome. Have a big green day…sloth.