"I Had An ACDC Strain"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"This is my first plant - first time growing. From a seed I had in ACDC strain.

The top leaves started drying out I think the light was too close - other than that I’ve been waiting for the typical 5 leaves to show up - does this look like ruderalis or is it too soon to tell? Is ruderalis considered not medicinal? I think ACDC is supposed to be Sativa dominant.

Praying this comes through and is female - the ACDC strain is the one that helped me by Far the most - out of 30 I’ve tried so far."

Can you post a pic under white light. Its hard to tell if anything is wrong under the red and blue light


She sure is beautiful but I agree with @MAXHeadRoom would love to see it under natural light makes a big difference in seeing the Health


Here it is under natural light! Thanks!

Looks healthy to me. Have you feed her yet.
The reason its not growing five leaf sets is just genetics although that is odd.
Make sure you PH your water and put her on a regular feed plan. Don’t over water and give her lots of light and she will be fine
Post pictures and support ticket when you have a problem and there are many people here who will be glad to help

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Thanks How do I PH the soil? I did use feed but it had mold! I removed it all and I’m using a really high quality organic soil that says the fertilizer nutrients last 9 months. So I thought I would start feeding at around 6 months?

Do you have a ph meter and PPM or TDS meter @Grow2

I don’t have any of those. Do I need something like this? Amazon.ca
Would I need a TDS meter as well?


This is what you need. These two meters are a must for growing quality MJ

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Also get ph up and down and calibration fluid for both meters. 7.0 ph calibration fluid @Grow420

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Thanks @MAXHeadRoom! Will see if I can get this in Canada

@bob31 Thanks!

When you get them let us know and we will teach you how to use them properly. @bob31 is better with dirt grows, I’m more into hydro grows but I can still help. I grew in dirt for a minute but switched all my grows to aeroponics and experimenting with fogponics

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@Grow420 the forum only allows links to authorized resellers. It is a violation of forum plicy to post that link. Could you remove that link, please?

The calibration fluids I use. I actually bought mine locally at the growing store near me.

7.0 calibration fluid


1500 ppm TDS Test Solution


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and yes you can get ph buffer in Canada

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I didn’t think you could calibrate those cheap TDS meters. My cheap one cant be calibrated.

Thanks @bob31 @MAXHeadRoom so just wondering - can I start with all of this after I find out if this is female?

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mine has a screw on the back to calibrate it @Rugar89

How long ago did you flip the lights? If your answer is not yet, then I would say buy the pH meter, pH up and down and the 7.0 ph calibration fluid. Even if it’s a male, aren’t you gonna grow a new one? @grow420


My cheap PH meter does, but the TDS meter does not.
Mine must be the ultra cheap version! :rofl:

What do you mean flip the lights? I would grow another one but you can’t get genuine ACDC seeds which apparently you cannot - this came from a bud I had. So I would need to get ACDC again but I can’t get it. Or find another strain that helps but I’m praying this one does come through because I can’t find anything like it.