I don't know what to trim. Any information will be greatly appreciated

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Good morning Robert, thanks s bunch. I’ll be heading over to your site shortly. Ive attached 3 pictures of my 1 plant 6 CFL @100w-@1600 Lumens each 6 inches above. I topped my plant a little early, but over last yr n half I’ve had fun, good two tote lol. However I’m not getting the bigger yealds. This plant 1st time I tied down. 12 days ago. I’ve read to leave the leaves to feed the buds. Then saw a video shows LAST a second time. I don’t know what to trim. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


It’s gonna be hard to get a substantial yeild from flowering with cfl’s.
Light intensity goes hand in hand with bud development.
That said you could trim by taking all the lower growth , underneath the canopy.
If you need a better idea of what I’m trying to explain then you could use the forum search .
Hope this has been helpful


@Nug-bug might be onto something because your pruning and LST look good to me.

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Yes cfl do not flower great they will produce buds and sometimes big buds just real airy and fluffy no weight if you would spend 70 on a decent 300w led and use cfl for Xtra light and side lighting you will be presently suprised

A galaxy hydro, or roleadro 2nd generation, or Mars hydro ect their are tons but these are just a few that are decent lights for the price. I use the galaxy hydro and roleadro 2nd gen and am happy with the light for what I paid. Now you can spend more and build a bad a$$ light just depends on budget

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