I cut off 2 yellow lower leaves and they are dying?

It seems there yellow brown on tips and it’s working upward like there droopy? And there soft the leaves like there shrinking up. Could it be light or water? There in flowering for 7 weeks now? No buds yet. They were fine before I cut of the leaves. Hope it survives. And one more thing when I water them they stretch towards light but the light is 6 inches away? @irma1010


Flowering 7 weeks & no buds, yet?

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Post a few pics & we’ll be able to help with more accuracy. :grinning:

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Hard to say without the pics. When you say flowering 7 weeks, you mean on a 12/12 light schedule for 7 weeks?

what do you think? @irma1010 thanks for your help peace!!! @blackthumbbetty

Did you post pics?

Yep, you did!

ya how do you think they are?

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What’s the material on top of the soil?

What time do your lights go on? What time do they go off?

How often do you spray the foliage & at what time during the day?

9pm the lights are on to 9am the lights go off! It is a afgan. I spray at anywhere from 9pm to 1am. I feed nutes on thurs and sun. I kind of ran out of soil so I put old shirts around the air smart fabric bag. im Getting more soil. I use Fox farms nutes the green box. Talk later🐙

What is all the white dots on your leaves? Looks like a pest of some sort…

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Did you sprinkle something over the plants?

Get rid of the shirts, for sure. Are you watering when dry, or just following a schedule, no matter what your plants are telling you? Why are you feeding twice a week? What are your ppm’s? Your pH?

When did you flip them to flower?

Ya I water about a cup a day 70 TDS is 1600 flipped 5 weeks.ago why should I feed them once a week. And veg was only 2 weeks then I fliped . I know to early. lights are 5 to 7 inches away from leaves. Talk later

Temps are 70 to 73 rh is 39 to 60 and in veg I used co2. But after that I ran out. small low fan is always running :dolphin:

5-7” is too close to run the QB’s. Raise the light up or you’ll burn your plants up :v::bear:

How high to raise them? @MattyBear thanks @irma1010

In veg I run my QBs at 18” and slowly lower in flower to 12”

The low light height is also why your plant is so short & tight, too.