I curious to know

I planted one seed two weeks ago. How long are seedlings considered seedlings. Sorry for asking such a simple question. I think a snail ate those bottom leaves that’s going to fall off anyway and a piece of leaf on the middle row.

I’m curious to know, sorry about the spelling. Oh yeah it’s a auto ww

I don’t think there’s really an accepted rule. I’ve read all sorts of definitions. Personally I’m counting day 1-7 as “seedling” for my grows. Talked to someone the other day that counts his as a seedling until 4th set of true leaves. Not a dumb question though lol, I actually tried to research the same thing on Google. Ended up throwing my hands up, stoners do not agree on what = a seedling.


Thank you, i thought i was tripping for not knowing

This is how it was explain to me .A seedling draws its energy from the cotyledon and the air. Once your plant can draw its nutrients from the soil using it’s root system ( usually around the third set of true leave ) . You are now in a vegetative stage. The reason why there is so much confusion, these stages will vary because each plant is somewhat unique. You can’t put a concrete time or date on this .


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Usually you are out of the seedling stage when you hit the 3rd or 4th node.

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thank you sir

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