I broke the pictures forum

I uploaded some images, not as large as I have in the past and now they don’t show up in this forum. It goes to a blank page.

Hope I didn’t break it too bad.

Try again :slight_smile:

OG, what are you using for a microscope? Your pic’s blow my pic’s out of the water dude. So sharp and up close. Far better than what I can get
The one i’em using is: 1.3 mega-pixel USB LED DIGITAL MICROSOPE 10X/300X
Where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking. I gota have one…lol

Great looking pic’s i’em impressed


Hey Will,

It is called a Macro camera, or setting in a digital. You just have to shop for a camera with Micro. I believe it will come in a much larger Mega Pixel model. 1.3 is similar to the 1st digitals 10 years ago. Mine is 3 years old and I have 12MP. hope this helps “Macro”, Peace