I bought a trsnform 400

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I bought a trsnform 400 to 125 regulor power and wireing an a bulb holder an a bulb an start to glow in a tent its not enhgout glow to.grow i was wonder what it whorth for light an trasform an bulb an wireing i think me buddy wripped me off at price of 350 its old stuff i got other glowers to grow still i hate being ripped of by freind what y thing its worth please give me a price for what y thinks it

You can get a new 400watt hps light set up for under 200$
With a timer reflector bulbs ballast everything you would need to start growing
Sadly it does sound like you paid to much

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Ya, I’m leaning towards what @Countryboyjvd1971 is thinking too. But I’m also not exactly clear on what you have? Is it a dimmable 400 watt ballast, or are we talking a 400 volt ballast?

Can you post some pics of everything you’re working with?

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