I believe these are spider mites right

Please help confirm what to do

Has anyone use spinosad for the pest on cannabis. Is it safe. I hear Canada has banned this from use on cannabis production. I want to get other opinions on spinosad usage

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Those aren’t spider mites, but I don’t know what they are. I’d try captain jacks dead bug and see if it stops them.

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Ok thanks I will try that and apply once a week or how often you think

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They look like rolly pollies.


Except the last picture is some kind of beetle. Almost looks like a Boll Weevil. ( I live in cotton country LOL)

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Large scale, commercial grows are far different than your typical home grow.

Agree with this. And yes it is spinosad, the same as I give my dog once a month for flea prevention. Safe and effective, just wash your buds at harvest. :wink:

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Holy cow it does look like a Boll weevil. I’m a Bible belt person myself :joy::joy::person_facepalming:


@Lacewing pest ID?

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I’m going with rolly pollyor pill bug for the first one second one don’t know

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Well My Ding - A - Ling its a darn Sow Bug in #1 & 2 - #3 is a Purple Pimp eater see the wild lights, funny hat, gold grill and walking stick.


Can you get a better pic of the second one
I believe it’s a minute pirate based on its shape but too dark to see details…
The first one looks like a pill bug

Neither one are going to damage your plant …pill bugs eat stink bug eggs and dead plant matter and are considered good for your soil

A minute pirate is one of the best general predatory insects there is

Does the second one look like this in the light ? If so you are just fine …
A boil weevil is more round with a snout sort of thing …and doesn’t have antenna like the bug you show here

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Yeah it looks like a rolly poly to me as well! Doesn’t harm your plants at all

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Last oic looks like a flea beetle. They don’t fly and leaves little white spots on the lower leaves where they feed. First 2 are rolley pollies, pill bugs, doodlebugs, whatever you wanna call then. They are good for your soil. Flea beetles no bueno. Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew for the flea beetles

I actually took it out side after I took the pic I killed it I sprayed both plants with alcohol and water and left outside all day after the rinse to dry up good hopefully it will keep ‘em gone after a few tries of the spray. I’m new to growing so wish me luck I will take a pic If I see some more tomorrow or so thank you all for your inputs much appreciated

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They look like roly polys IMO I don’t know what impact they have on gardens but it looks like that’s what it is

I did look up Rollie pillows and sol bugs they look alike. Any ideas on how to get rid of them. I read this mean that the soil is good any opinions on that

Kill’n me :love_you_gesture:

Kinda looks like flesh eating beetle that’s called dermestids not for sure though