I am trying to figure out female gold leaf

Will a female gold leaf flower outside if I don’t switch to 12/12??

If it’s outside how would you ever change the hours of light to dark?
Indoors, no. A photo strain will flower once YOU change the light cycle to 12/12 or anything less than 12 hours of light will induce flowering.
Hope this helps!

They are I’m buckets now and I thought I’d plant it if it had a chance to flower . I bought the Goldenleaf female seed .?

Are they inside or outside?
I’m confused with what you’re asking.

I have them outside right now.

I believe you answered my question thank you for your help

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12/ 12 is the equivalent of September 22 - the equinox. In the natural world.
My outside plants start to change about a month earlier than that.

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60 Gal Drum I have done it.

Thanks - I’m learning everyday more about auto flower feminized seeds.

Thanks bud