I 3 beans from bag that are now 2 months old 2nd week in flower. total 300w. Do they look okay? First ever closet gorilla grow. Created from shoestrings and toothpaste. Basic LED flood lights. + 1cfl. no idea strains.Comments welcome

<img src=“/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/d/9/dUploading…9542fa60074ee773cb0aa96819541e116befcb9.jpg” width=“375” height=“500”>I set this up using ztri fly bare bones as cheap as possible total system cost plus soil a nitrogen nutrient a phosphate nutrient tap well water and no pH balancing. Like I said bare bones. I will keep posted as plants progress. Middle plant smells like oranges 2 outside more pungent OG with lemon smell


They look healthy just screeming for sun…
I know , I know…
Just saying, expose them to little sun, even by window and they become bushy monsters…
Good luck

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Thanks. I’m trying this just to see how the environment is and if detectable. So far not at all, also growing dill, horseradish, and cilantro. They carry a strong enough smell to cover.

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