Hydroponic Troubleshooting

First time grower here. My plant started with some PH issues and I was able to correct the problem. But now the tips of the leaves are turning a bit yellow. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Water Ph: 5.7 to 6.0

Nutrients used: General Hydroponics Flora
trio+Cali Magic

Light 36 inches above plant

Seedling poped out of the cube 11 days ago

Water temperature: 71 degrees Fahrenheit


If you know there was a problem and it’s been corrected, is this just the plant showing you that problem hurt? 5-7 day lag for small problem. 1 day for BIG problem to show.

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I’m not sure, it’s my first grow and I had heard when running hydro you have a very small window to correct things before major damage occurs. But it does sound like a very logical explanation.

Less true in hydroponics. Problems usually show themselves in 12-24hrs. That said, damage never really heals. Those leaves may have gotten too hot (closer to the light) and crisped a bit. Keep an eye on them but mostly watch the newer growth. It’ll tell you if something is still amiss.

You have a shorter window before issues appear, and a shorter window to wait before they’re fixed once you make corrections. “Major damage” is kind of extreme. I have only killed 2 plants in hydro thus far and I’ve ran upwards of 20ish by now. One was beginner problems, one was overconfident problems.

What light, specifically, and at what power?

Just to give you a heads up here, 71° is going to be warm. It’s a hit-and-miss thing, that might be absolutely no big deal, but if any light at all is getting into your reservoir, you’ll be facing root rot and other problems before too long. Ideally in hydro your water should live between 66-68°F. Don’t stress it too much, but do double check your hydroton is sufficient to keep any light out.

Also gonna grab @HappyHydroGrower @Covertgrower @peachfuzz @Syndrix and @nodurxshn for some more eyes on it in case I’m overlooking somethin’.


I grow in soil. Slower and hopefully, more forgiving.


Light is a HLG 650R with UV bar. Power is very low, there isn’t a % number I can give but it’s at the very lowest power setting.


I tag you to my thread…
Plant’s can live through hell in hydro…
They can die fast but will usually bounce back pretty fast if you catch them in time…
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And you’re only 36” from the top? I might raise that up another 4-6” and see how she responds. A 650R is a boatload of power. Mine is pretty creepin’ hot after it’s been on for a few hours. I bet her leaf temps are just getting a little toasty.


Thanks, just adjusted it.

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Thanks @Graysin most of the time I see seedlings that size with a lot of yellow is usually too much water and or too much light. Keep your eye on the new growth she’ll kick into gear in another week.

Do you have roots out of the bottom of the netpot?
What’s your ppm’s running right now?
How far below the netpot is the water level?
Are you using hydroguard?

Do you have a picture of your setup?
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Roots are not out of the bottom of the net pot yet, ppm is at 680, as for the water level, I have it right at the bottom inch of the net pot which is about where the bottom of the roots were. The reason that the roots aren’t out of the bottom is because the net pots I bought were the ones that fit into the bucket at the store which seemed a bit big, but I didn’t figure it would do too much harm.


It honestly just looks like the og colyton leaves are the only yellow ones or whatever they are called, they will yellow and die no matter what you do, the plant consumes them growing

The angle of your picture makes it look like it’s on the top new growth but it isn’t…

Just my 2 cents, these others got you covered on all other aspects

Ah. @HappyHydroGrower is on to something there then, too.

Lower your water level about an inch below the bottom of the pot. She’ll start reaching roots down to reach the water and the airstones in the bucket will bubble water up and splash the hydroton so she shouldn’t totally dry up. :v:


just keep an eye on it …are roots in hydro? when they small i usually drop a mini pump in the bottom of res and run it up through the net pot for re circulation you can get one for 5 bux on amazon


I’ll definitely have to check into that, thanks.