Hurricane Matthew - Here we go again

Things are not looking good for us on the Southeastern Coastal area.

Matthew is going to rampage our coast and everyone is scrambling. It is already too late to get Gas! Mile long lines at the gas stations and many have run out.

Just a heads up; I might be MIA at anytime in the next few days. I am out here alone with the Animals and no vehicle to get out with. Right now they are talking 6-7 feet storm surges. (This is how high the waves will be at land…)

Wish me luck. Later all. Peace


Good luck and best wishes buddy… Hope your all good …


I hope you are above that surge. And you and yours feel minimal loss.

Hold tight Latewood! You got this buddy! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

Good luck brother hang in there

Where are you i have family out that way. If you need i can send in the calvary.


Hey man, I hope you have a place to go or at least a safe room above the water line? WI’ll be thinking of you, take care, Mike

I am in the Hell Hole Swamp. My hero is Francis Marion. That should be close enough.

Thanks all.

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Nowhere to go. I would not leave my animals. At the mercy of nature. I might try and get my little boat from out back, and keep it tied to a tree out front! LOL

Not really funny though…LOL

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Good luck and God bless

God bless you all…

No shit! It’s not funny when you have to experience it. Will be thinking of
You. Mike

That makes two for you this year and we still have almost two months of season left to go!

I am fortunate to not have to worry about storm surges here in the center of the state. You know, we have some nice land in this area. 45 minutes to either coast, plenty of springs for clean running water and swamps and forests for food.

Check out Marion County. We stay fairly protected from the hurricanes here yet are close enough for whatever you care to see out of Florida. West side for farmlands and East side for the woods and swamps.

I would avoid the city areas. Ocala is corrupt and The Villages are crazy! Personally, I prefer the swamps and forests on the NE quadrant.

I wish you safe passage through this storm. This is a bad one coming and you won’t see me making light of this one. Anyone near the path of Matthew should take this threat seriously. Cat 4 possible 5 is nothing to mess around with.

This hurricane party will be more about support than good times in a storm. This is one party that I am eagerly waiting for the end.

Be safe, Brother…


I lived in Ocala for a while 1990. thought I would check in. Now I need to go out and start shifting lumber and tying it down. I need to drag that boat or run a safety line to it. So much to do and no help. Anyway; Thanks all for your support.