Hurricane IAN - Move plant to shelter - Excessive Rain

I grow outdoor and I’m in the late stage of flowering.

Should I move my one plant to under the porch so it won’t be flooded by excessive rain (and wind).

I am in the Carolina’s on the ocean. In the path but not landfall intense area of the Gulf.

I use Jacks and water daily (or more). Didn’t know if the excessive rain would dilute my nuts.

  • Seed: Do-si-dos, Photo, from ILGM
  • Vessel: Coco + Perlite, 5 gal fabric pot
  • Nutrition: Jacks 321 + Silica
  • PH of Water: ~ 60 (do not test runoff or ppm)
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Location: Southern US, hot and humid
  • Temps: 80s at moment


Stay safe, mate.


I would bring her in for a day or two if possible. A couple days of poor lighting shouldn’t hurt. They’re porbably going to get wet anywhere you put them outside. If she does, you can try to put a fan on her since it’s usually kinda stale after the big storms. However you choose, most importantly, you and your family/friends/loved ones be safe.


@HotAndHumid Just had Fiona blow thru here in Nova Scotia on Friday / Saturday.
Take @Borderryan22 advice to put her in if you can.
Mold will be rampant afterwards.
Stay safe.