Humidity vs temperature

Struggling trying to keep humidity and temp in the safe zone. In a 4x4 that has four 3 gallon containers of recently transplanted AK47 seedling. Trying to keep humidity up decreases temp in tent. Plus I probably open tent a few times more than I should. Using a damp towel hanging in tent for moisture. LED lights only heat source. Any suggestions to obtain correct humidity and temp? First time grower needs help.

Put a clear dome over them until you run out of room. Plants will respond well to the high humidity and saves using a humidifier in the grow space. Once canopy fills the tent the RH will be up where you want it.

Also with seedlings you don’t need to exchange the air as frequently as you’d do with a larger plant. Put fan on timer and cycle air out every 15 minutes or so and you’ll be good as well.


Yeah what myfriend said… and when you have plants of size growing, you can adjust your ventilation to maintain the RH in the tent. Cycle more often to lower and less often to raise. During lights out you may notice RH spikes a lot. If you have your exhaust fan on a controller set the max RH and it will vent when it hits the high target.