Humidity issues in my white widow grow

I’m having some humidity issues in my grow closet. My humidity is as high as 80% when my A.C is off and around 55% with the A.C on. Temps are within range; 22C to 27C.

I can only run my A.C for 12 hours due to lower electric tariffs during off peak hours which makes my humidity spike when my A.C is off.

My question is can I use the small 500ml dehumidifier meant for toilets and closets? I’ll attach a photo.

My space is 2ftx4ftx6ft. About the size of a regular closet. I’m on a budget and I’m not sure in can invest in an expensive one during this grow.

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Any suggestions or links to more efficient products will go a long way.

I’m sorry guys. I know I bailed out on my blueberry kush mainline grow. I somehow lost my confidence after the grow went south so I decided to do a white widow grow without documenting it here cos I wouldn’t want to start something without ending it. I’m in Day 6 of flower right now in the White Widow grow. I even cloned a few cuttings from my blueberry kush and the rooted successfully. I’ve done it all but flower successfully

I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work @skinnieboi10. I looked at those myself. My tent is 40% smaller than yours though and I was concerned with temperatures getting too high, so I went with a different approach. I am using a small renewable dehumidifier (the kind typically used in a safe). It only cost about $15, so I figured it was worth a try. I just started using it, so I can’t endorse this approach yet, but it seems to be working. It pulled my humidity down from 74% to 40-50% according to my Acu•Rite humidity/temperature monitor.

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Yea you should be able to

Yeah for sure they work you may just need more than one @skinnieboi10
Nice to see you around how’s the grow going otherwise the ones @GrowManFitz posted work awesome I have a bunch we use at work just plug in to dry them out and back into space :grin:

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