Humidifier pods

From a fellow grower: I recently ordered seeds from you and I have a question about storage. I bought the below containers (see link below) that have a humidifier pod that I can put in the glass jars. However, your “bible” said the everything should be stored dry. Should I not use the humidifier pods that go in the jars?

Most definitely not. Seeds must be stored in a dark dry cool environment preferably in the back of a fridge.
Any moisture will activate the seed and initiate the growth cycle prematurely or make them no longer viable after storage.

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What about the flower - post harvest? I have evergreen glass jars with little humidity pods that come with them. Or should the flower just be stored in the glass jars without the pods?

The fridge would be the most common place seeds stored until all seeds are used, in the original pack.

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Welcome to the community ! I would drop a hydrometer in the jar for a couple days check the reading might not need ( humidity pods) . Sweet spot 55 to 62 humidity.

Most people recommend 50-62% humidity for storage of flower.

Have a suggestion of what kind of hydrometer that would fit in the jar?

Same one that would fit in a cigar box. @Curious
Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor