Mixing cow manuer in hugel culture bed is good? Is hugelculture good With some good compost tea? I have read up on hugelculture and are going out this weekend to prepeare a hugelculture bed, it will then have 2.5 month to get ready for some white widow transplant. Am also going to plant some fava beans for extra nitrogen. Someone have experince With hugelculture? Thanks-:slight_smile:

Hugelkulture is making a raised bed on top of rotting wood.

Cow manure can be good or bad depending on how composted it is. I wouldn’t put fresh manure in a bed of any kind, but I would have a compost pile and use the black dirt that forms from it.

In S. Africa, they just call it hydroponics. Sawdust is the basis for 3rd world hydroponics.

I actually have no dig grow beds. I fill them with decomposing wood from a floor manufacturer. I use fertigation to feed the bed. (A process whereas, we pump nutrient solution through drip tape. I grew beans and Potatoes in these beds last years, and all my tater and bean sprouts are pushing through as I am writing this post.

I agree with OLdgoa ton the manure being too h0ot to add directly. It should be composted into soil, wood, whatever you want to use, or have readily available.