How's she look so far?

How’s she look so far?


Looks pretty decent and you’ll get a decent yield. I have a couple of suggestions for future grows:

Personal preference - leave a little more foliage on the plant. I get the idea of lollipopping, but a plant’s leaves are needed so the plant can conduct photosynthesis and produce the nutrients the plant needs to be healthy.

She looks hungry for nitrogen. Are you monitoring and managing runoff PPM and pH? What product(s) are you feeding the plant?

The long base stem could be due to lighting. What do you have for lighting?


And what height do you have set on the lights. She’s definately alittle leggy.


Posting some new pics of her progress


How many weeks has she been flowering? Looks like 6 or 7? They will still fatten up for you a bit over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

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Its about 6 1/2 weeks of flower

Some close ups 60x magnification

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Just gonna drop a few new pics

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Finally chopped her up into pieces

Timed my dry and cure to coincide with my T-break its going to a long 21-24 days