How will i know if my outdoor grow are autoflowers?

Flushed her, now she is ready for the dry room…
Mmmmmm… sweet smell and super sticky…



? Are you trimming the same day you cut her down
If so give her 1-3 days before the trim so she has time to release the chlorophyll

One more tip when you hand trim
Start from the bottom and spiral your way up
Try to trim the whole sugar leaf & stem if you can this will save you time too

Sometimes drying or trimming to early will give you a hay smell & harsher taste

Try it on one branch vs another to see if the smoke improves

Your plants look awesome though before you smoke that bud
Trim her a little more before you grind it up & smoke
Keep me posted bean you got the growing part down

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Trim so it looks like this
And you can save the trim for butter or hash

not my bud but it looks close to your bud so I used as a reference



Gooood morning my brother…! Hope you and the wife/kid’s are doing fine…!
Thanks for the valuable advice my brother, i really appreciate it…
Ja, when we flushed her, one of the flowers broke off… one in the pic… after closer examination we saw that the trichomes can still go for another week… she is still in the ground, but will definitely use your advice when we harvest her.
This is the bud now, in the dry room… smells woooow…!

How is the day/night there in Texas…?
06h00 pic i just took now…
(Had a nice spliff and some “morning exercise” with my better half before getting up…:rofl:)

Go well my brother…!


@Bosvarkie Wow…Thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing all about your country and lifestyle…Very interesting and eye opening…You have a nice family a nice homestead and your buds are looking good too!
Keep posting and keep chugging along…!! far as the :rofl: Its for sure with you…not at you…I still laugh at myself and some of my pygmy/ bonsai plants that Ive grown at times…
Keep up the great posts and pics !!!


Update on the “Autoflower” question - Growing them since September 2023
Not harvest time yet but we will get there…
Puff-puff pass…:south_africa: