How to water seedlings

how much water should i give seedlings and how often

Depends on container , seedling dosnt have a lot of roots so most of moisture trough foliage, so keep medium moist but not damp

they are in 2 gal flower pots the medium is fox farm

Dribble a ring around edge of pots… dont soak the root zone… put a half a water bottle or a cup over the plant for a little humidity dome… poke a small hole in what ever you use you dont want 100% humidity you wants in the 80s tho
I dome them till the leave hit the edge of the dome and then your in the clear…the roots will be nice and established…
This is what I do I plant deep into a solo cup so I can throw a peice of seran wrap on the tip

See how far down in the cup they are

thanks i plan to put them in a 2x2x4 grow tent when it gets here tomarrow it has 300watt light and air system

Baby food jar or a spray bottle is all they need do not fill the entire cup. Please don’t do that until you in flower . Just enough to wet the soil is best .

Thank you

Is that daily or every other