How to vent my lights

I’m running 2 1000 watt mh/hos lights. I have an in-line fan and ducting. Do I install my fan to BLOW across the bulbs, or install after the lights to SUCK air across them?
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lol,mine sucks!


Usually you put the Carbon filter, than lights, than fan to suck past them. But I’m sure there are many ways to do it


I agree. Most common set up is pull through filter, then lights, then exhaust out of grow space


Ok. Thanks giys

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Exhaust system for lights installed. Hoping this will make it cooler


Nice set up! @Grandaddy013

Thanks @Covertgrower

Looks like a very nice room!

Blowing through is a precaution in that it doesn’t pull smell if you have any air leaks but many multi task fans and pull air from space through light to cool then filter


Thanks @dbrn32

How is the fan situation working out?

@dbrn32 it’s working AWESOME. My a/c crapped out, but by installing exhaust, the new smaller a/c does an outstanding job, plus I vented to underneath the house which should help keep pipes from freezing in winter

Now that’s some multitasking lol. Glad to hear it’s working out.

@dbrn32 learning more everyday from the good people, like yourself, on this forum. Getting excited on finishing this grow and starting a new one applying different things I have learned. I think next time I will do both same strain, as individual strains have different needs

Right on! Glad I can help.

@dbrn32 if I hang a piece of material ( I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s white on one side, black on the other and they make grow tents with it ) between my plants and reservoir, it would make a white wall and essentially make my room smaller. I’m thinking that would help reflect light back onto the plants. Do you think that would help, or just be in the way.


Yup, it certainly will. I believe stuff your talking about is referred to as panda film?

I think you are correct @dbrn32

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@dbrn32 I got my redneck reflector wall installed.