How to trim my girls

Grow Room = 8x8x8 2inch thick Styrofoam
RH= 50%-65%
Temp = 68-84 F AVERAGE TEMP = 82 F

Veg 1000 W MH 18-6
Bloom 1000 W HPS 12-12

Soil = Pro Mix HP PH 7.0 / 7 Gallon Grow Bags

GH Flora Grow
GH Flora Micro
GH Flora Bloom
Silica Blast

PH = 6.0

Soil Mix after adding nutrients is PH 6.`1

I need to know about trimming How , When, Where Day 10 of Bloom or let me know where too look for help

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I remove the bottom 1/3 of plant, they don’t get enough light indoor. Also remove a few of the upper fan leaves blocking light down below

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