How to revive marijuana plant

A question from a fellow grower:

how do I revive a plant that has already been growing since last year and hasn’t given any buds not now it’s drying please help

Do you have any pics of the problem plant?It helps greatly to see what the symptoms are.

Yup pictures will help a lot no way to tell


I bet it is root bound in its container, and that is a basic mistake on various potted plants a lot of folks don’t know about, like you can every year take a potted plant out of its pot and reduce the number of small roots and then repot with fresh loose soil. I figure you are talking about an indoor plant of course, in a pot. Ummm, not trying to play marijuana expert, but if that thing has been growing so far no problem but suddenly aint, in the same pot, that could be a problem you could cure.

I think Bud is onto something here…sounds about right. Switch into a bigger pot and give them roots a place to spread out


I would not go and agree about a plant being root bound without any further data. You can grow plants completely in a small pot as long as you provide adequate nutrients to it.

Many UK Sativa growers use 6liter pots from start to finish.