How to plant taproot in a Rock Wool Block

1st timer growing aeroponic. I have good taproots on 4 auto-flower Bruce Banner’s. how do I plant seeds in my rock wool blocks? Should I put them in seed starter disc and let them develop to 4 inch seedlings then go to the rockwool? Need some suggestions. Thanks

Do u have pics of ur rock wool is it a big block

Just rip the Rockwood cube in half set the seed with tap root going down put the other piece back ontop and wrap a rubber band around to hold it together and go to town. Super easy


I’m way to rough with things, so the woman will take a toothpick and open up the hole. Drop seed with tail, gently close hole up. Tear a small corner and cover hole. Pre soak cubes and let them drain for .5hrish. If tap is to long then like mark said, tear it apart. Still pre soak and drain cube 1st🤘


Aha ok before u use them do u soak them in distilled water ph to 6.5 ,when i used them i soaked them in distilled water ph to 6.5 and i added 1.5ml of A&B that’s 1.5 ml of each so when u plant ur seed the seedlings have a little bit of food

Thanks for your reply. Yes I soaked them in distilled water and the ph is in the 6.5-6.8 range. I also use half strength dose of Canna Rhizotonic when I soak.

Kool man