How to make plant more bushy

A question from a fellow grower:

So my plant is about a month’s and a half old and I have finally confirmed it’s a female. Iv had it on 12/12 lighting for about two weeks now and just this morning it finnaly has little white haired buds all over it. But my plant is about 4 feet tall and not as full as I’d like to see it. I did top it right before I switched it to 12/12 but it was already tall and lengthy. Toping it helped tons for the top of the plant. But what can I do to make it fill out more from where I’m at now? So far my plant is chemical free. I have it in a half in half soil. Half is happy frog and the other is fox farm with bat guano and natural nutrients. I just wanna see my girl bushy and filled out more. What should I do?


If you are already on a 12/12 schedule it’s not advised to cut on the plant. The best thing you could do is LST and tired her down to make sure that light and air can get to the other parts of the plant. Next time you begin start topping and fimming before you switch to 12/12 and she will be bushy. You always want to wait till she has at least 5 or 6 nodes before topping or fimming to make sure she is strong enough to handle the stress


I advise you dont make nothing now.
All that you had to do was early in veg stage

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I haven’t pruned or trimmed at all since I switched it to 12/12 I did all that about a week before I switched. I can post pics of it if that would help understand what it looks like right now?

The original post was from me btw.

Yeah you can post pictures, but all I was saying is that since you are in flower you shouldn’t cut the plant, the best thing you can do at this point it some lst and if needed some supercropping
Welcome to the community brother. You’ve come to the right place for advice, tips, and help with your plants.


Ok awesome! Thank you very much. This is my first indoor grow that I have done by myself. I live in Oregon so still have to wait a little while to start my outdoor plants. Just to cold outside still. But yeah just a sec and I’ll put some pics on.

If you wanted to you could start a grow journal. It’s a great place to post your grow and any questions you may have, then for future grows you have a place where you have a lot of information incase you run into an issue you’ve death with before go back an get the solution quick. Just a thought though.

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That’s a super good idea! Thank you. And here is my girl.

If your past the two week stretch period be careful if trying to lst stems are going to start Harding up and you can split the stem if you pull to hard
Also what type of lights are you using ?

it wouldn’t let me put the picture of the full plant on for some reason?

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Looks like you needed more light during veg she looks stretched out
You may need to just let her flower out as is
How far away where lights

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Hey boy!!! I have seen your plant. Please post a picture close to flowers. I believe it is 99.99% male
So you can kill him!!!


No matter light, no matter of anything. It is a male


@Teddy78 I agree with you It looks male to me as well I blew up pic just now and it clear it’s a male


It’s a boy… :fearful::astonished::scream::tired_face::angry::unamused::cry:… kill it… :smiling_imp::imp:



yes, sorry to report that one’s no damn good