How to lower temp for indoor grow?

Im going to have a tutankhamon, purple haze, and somango xl grow in a 3x4x6 grow tent with a 300 watt LED. I know the best way to grow purple weed is have purple genetics but ive read that you can enduce more vibrant colors on your purp plant. Any ideas on how to make this work?

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From what I’ve read it’s important to have a good gap between your daytime and nighttime temps. This will allow the color to better develop.

Hope this helps.

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Yeah i know that im just having trouble trying to figure out how i could drop the temps

What are you running for intake and exhaust?

Hi are you still in veg or flower? If in veg you could give them a mist just before lights out and put a small fan in there go get the leaves cooled down faster hope this helps

I run a window a/c and ran a section of 6" flexible duct work from the front of it, to my 6’×6’×7’ veg area, the duct work siphons off cool air from the a/c and adds co2, as well as removing excess humidity. I get roughly a 20° to 25° degree swing in temps(60-65°f- 80°f ). It runs 24/7 as it also cools my flower room. I essentially took a 9’×10’ bedroom with a 3’×6’ rectangle shaped closet and turned it into a grow room. Using Panda plastic, gorilla tape, zip ties, bamboo. I modified the closet with Panda film to construct the veg room. I veg with a t5 ho florescent 4ft, 4 tube fixture. Using the rest of the room for flower with a 1000 w hps.
My soil temps in both areas stay around 68°f.
I also run fans in both areas with a 6" cyclone fan/carbon filter.