How to light up flower hours

To flower 12/12 18/6 19/5 20/4 24/0 My girls have been vegging for 14 weeks and I now have hopefully got some lights that will work.(upload://39X46VBKmzzjklkziWovNkSVF6h.jpeg)

(upload://gOLE1zVHrBsjC30YQMM1TRiX4X3.jpeg) The PPFD readings were 790 and DLI were 65-70 so I turned the LED down and rasied up the lights and 18/6 they are at right now.

14 weeks? 12/12 for flower, all the other light schedules are for veg. :thinking:


Thanks I can change that 12/12

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Have fun!

790 X 3600x24 /1000000 = 68DLI
12 hour flower schedule will bring DLI to 34 which is about where you want it
DLI Screen-Shot-2018-12-28-at-11.19.14-AM

How did you get the 790 PPFD? Manufacturers PPFD map?. Is it the average over the footprint or a single point? Curious


center point on the canopy I will switch it 12/12

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You want to take an average of the entire space. Not just the center.


The whole area 9 points were high and so I switched to 12/12 lighting and see what happens.Plants are spread under the lights better now