How to keep it simple

A question from a fellow grower:

Well, I’ve decided to take growing medical cannibas seriously. I have space in my garage, security not an issue, garage is attached to my house, no neighbors… I want to start small (ie 4x4 grow tent, 4-6 plants in flower at most.
My problem is information overload. Been doing alot of research and reading but so many styles, different recommendations, etc… I know I want to keep it simple. I want to grow from feminized seeds,4x4 grow tent, grow soiless, not necessarily hydropicically, decided to stick with 600 or 1000 hps lights instead of led. Just need advice on the easiest, smartest, affordable way to get started. Trying to harvest 6-12 oz, per harvest.
Please help! Thanks.

you have to spend time reading and learning, deciding on the light is the first step…they have limited lighting capabilities that decide the size for you on the grow area.
then decide grow media and learn…and ask info for that particular mix.
basic things, pH meter, ppm-tds-ec meter, nutrients, this sites are recommended

seeds, the same

calibration materials, reflective wall choices…
there are cheaper solutions and not so cheap…decide on a budget, rooms take on average $1000 to set up.

“easiest, smartest, affordable way to get started”…not as simple as we would like

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