How to hide light coming from windows with vents

I seen a article on this site of how to hide light coming from a window.A piece of cardboard was painted black with a hole in it for vent but how do you block light from going out of hole?
My window is 8-9 feet in the air and that will be my exhaust.Can odors can travel downward after leaving window?If a person standing 5 feet away could they smell odors if I’m not using a filter?

If not using some sort of filter yes smell will get out. I have always grown outside of town so one less worry for me.

There is an article on the website it shows an attic window with an exhaust fan outlet installed but it doesn’t let light out.
There’s usually an article on home page but it changes each time I visit.I should have saved it but I didn’t.I’ll have to look but it would be nice if the articles on home page were also in an ebook with index.

Look around the “Guides” and you will find all kinda of info, smell is the easiest way people get busted, you need to be able to control smell for sure. Blocking light is also important for making healthy flowers. It has to be 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness for healthy flowers. Make a baffle, and 'S" shape to allow air through but not light, have the inside of it painted flat black.

Build a flat black box that connect to your exhaust port.

Off set the exhaust fan from the house outlet.

The light will not reflect down and around a corner.:slight_smile: Get it?

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No worries :smiley: